Can I update my owner web page?

Yes- If you purchase hosting plan B which includes a web site builder.


Can NYS Webmaster update my page for me?

Yes- we have web maintenance plans for as little as $17.00 a month.


How will I be billed for my hosting plan?

You will received a e-mail 30 days before your domain or hosting plan will expire, you will also receive a bill to your mailing address. You must renew your hosting plan and domain name 15 days before the expiration date to prevent loss of your domain name to a reseller.


What happens if my Domain name has expired?

Once your domain name expires it's available for sale , domain resellers purchase hundreds of names per month. If your domain name is sold a reseller can charge up to $1500


Hosting Bills from unauthorized companies:

I received a bill in the mail from a domain name company saying my domain name is about to expire should I pay them. NO your domain name and hosting plan is by NYS Webmaster (Div. of Fine Blue Line LLC) if you have any questions about your bill please call us (845) 774-3456

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